And our flag is still there ….


Burn Pit Posting, December 10th, 2009 by Seventh Son


Well, here we are standing at the base of another flagpole, looking up at a flag that is now flying even though someone with a misguided sense of political correctness tried to prevent that. The most recent case, publicized on these pages as well as many others, was that of Medal of Honor recipient Col. Van Barfoot who was told by the home owner’s association where he lives that he couldn’t fly the flag in the manner he chose, flying free from a flag pole. The flag is up; you can take that to mean Col. Barfoot won this fight too.


Every time you open the pages of the newspaper or read your e-mail or turn on the TV, it seems that somewhere, someone or some group is trying to prevent someone from flying the flag. In one case, the University of New Hampshire stopped a student, Connor MacIver, from displaying the American flag outside his dorm room window to honor his career Army father. In that case, the justification was “it’s against UNH policy to hang items outside dorm windows”.


Wonderful, that policy says that the American flag is just one more thing that someone might want to display outside their window, exactly the same as an athletic banner or a banner advertising a spring break trip. When will they learn that the American flag is so much more than that and that it means so much more to many of our people?


Let me show you how much it means to some. Thirty motorcyclists, patriotic citizens and probably all veterans, rode their bikes through the UNH campus on Sunday, November 1, 2009 to show their support for MacIver’s wish to display the flag. Can you imagine riding a motorcycle in New Hampshire on November 1? That is dedication that is what being able to display the American flag means to many of us.

In an even more egregious example of misguided Political Correctness, there was the story from Gaffney, SC as told in the blog, Captain’s Journal. This one is even more difficult to believe.


Lance Cpl.Chris Fowlkes’ body was being returned to Gaffney for burial after his death from wounds received in Afghanistan. The people of Gaffney were placing US flags along the funeral procession route when they were told by the manager of the local Bank of America branch that “the flags might upset some of her customers”, flags that the branch manager removed from the property. I can’t imagine a customer in SC that would be offended by the sight of the American flag, especially a flag that was being flown to honor a man killed in the service of the country for which that flag stands. I find it hard to control my outrage and my language as I think about that incident even now approaching three months later. It’s good I wasn’t there.


The Bank of American later released a statement apologizing for the incident and calling it a misunderstanding and a “miscommunication of corporate policy”. As the Captain’s Journal stated, what kind of a corporate policy would even suggest that the removal of The American Flag is necessary? Why is it so hard for some individuals to recognize that the American Flag is different, that it is not just another item whose display is to be regulated by corporate or university policy. There is a United States Flag Code passed by Congress regulating display, what other item has that distinction? That alone should be enough to create the understanding that the American Flag stands alone, above all lesser items and to prevent these kinds of incidents.


The one constant in all these incidents is the willingness of patriotic Americans to step forward and say, very clearly and very loudly, “THIS IS WRONG.” Respectful display of the American flag should never be prohibited and most certainly should never be subject to corporate policy or be prevented because someone might be offended by seeing it. The American People know that. These incidents cannot be prevented or solved by action from Washington or the state capitol. It is only when someone from the community stands up and leads the charge that the right result happens, that the flag is respected.


 Do you want to know who those local people are that will lead that fight in your town? They are easy to find, just drive down the street in your neighborhood and look for the flag flying in front of someone’s house. When the day comes that the display of the American flag is being stopped somewhere in your town, someone will come out of that house to lead the fight and be sure the flag continues to fly. Be one of those people, put up the flagpole in your yard or the staff at your front door and fly the flag. Those flags that you see are there everyday, they are flown by the patriots that are there every day, ready when the flag needs them