Beginning January 1, 2010, coaches across the country will put down their pens and power-up their computers to complete team registration online for the first time in American Legion Baseball history. The digital, step-by-step process will tighten administrative communication efforts and result in an additional value for players and fans.


No longer will it be necessary for coaches to collect, complete and mail registration forms, insurance forms and payments to various locations for processing. Instead, coaches with Internet access will have the luxury of performing all of these responsibilities online, using their credit or debit card from the comfort of their own home.


Fans and players will also benefit from the service, as coaches will have the capability of entering game schedules and player profiles that will be viewable and searchable by the public on the official American Legion Baseball Web site.


Another attractive feature of the new system will be the reduction of paper waste. Coaches will no longer need to make copies of their roster for mailing because every roster will be securely available to each country, district and state chairman online.

“We are pleased to offer this new feature for our fans and program participants,” American Legion Baseball Program Coordinator Jim Quinlan said. “The new online registration process is a result of our commitment to continue our tradition as one of the most successful amateur leagues, and I look forward to an exciting season.”


The 2010 season marks the 85th anniversary of the program, which recently launched a brand new Web site that highlights its reputation among young athletes. The Web site and digital registration process will coincide with the online broadcast of the World Series being played in Spokane, Wash., that begins August 13, 2010.