The American Legion has always been on the front lines helping fellow veterans and their families ease the transition from military service into civilian life. One of the many ways we help with this process is by assisting veterans filing for Department of Veterans Affairs benefits.

This summer, The American Legion developed a new mobile application for veterans and their families. The Claims Coach app helps veterans and their families connect with a service officer and navigate the VA claims process.

In order to improve the app’s functionality, The American Legion now is seeking input from those veterans using the app. By downloading the app and then participating in a short online questionnaire, you can help us improve the Claims Coach and make it an even better tool.

Survey participants must download the Claims Coach for iOS or Android to their mobile device. Once the app is loaded onto the device, participants can go to the survey and follow along with the instructions while answering a series of questions based upon user experience.

All opinions are valid and useful. Survey participants may have previous experience using the Claims Coach or can be first-time users.

The American Legion appreciates your help in building the best tool to share with veterans and their families. All survey participants will be entered into a drawing for a $25 gift certificate.