New Program Being Made Available Through The Legionnaire Insurance Trust


The complex healthcare system can sometimes make it difficult to find and understand the right information necessary to make informed decisions, resolve thorny insurance coverage or billing issues, or to get a timely appointment with a specialist, for example.  

    Health advocacy services have emerged as a bridge between the consumer, insurance company and health providers, offering help to address these and other complicated, time-consuming healthcare- and insurance-related issues.

    The Department wants you to know about a special new program for you and your family. Health Proponent – a program brought to us through the Legionnaire Insurance Trust – offers expert, personalized help to solve a full range of healthcare and insurance problems and save you time, money and worry.


Here are some of the many things the service does:

  • Helps you resolve insurance claims and assist with negotiating billing and payment arrangements.
  • Helps find the right doctors, hospitals, dentists and other leading healthcare providers anywhere in the country.
  • Negotiates Medical Bills

…and much more


By calling 866-939-3435, you can find out more about this unique new program and how you can enroll to start getting the benefits.


We hope you will find this valuable program useful.