By: MOTHAX – Burn Pit

Medal of Honor: Lessons of Personal Bravery and Self-Sacrifice, is a resource designed by teachers to provide students with opportunities to explore the important concepts of courage, commitment, sacrifice, patriotism, integrity, and citizenship and how these values can be exemplified in daily life. While drawn from the personal accounts of living Medal of Honor recipients, this collection of lesson plans does not glorify or glamorize war.

On the contrary, these dramatic “living histories” and the accompanying instructional activities encourage students to consider each concept from their own perspective. The character of these men is what stands out in each story. The Medal of Honor recipients demonstrate and articulate many of the abstract principles upon which our nation was founded in a way that makes those principles very real.

I’ve been VERY blessed to meet some of our recipients. I met Hiroshi Miyamura and Walt Ehlers in 2001 at President Bush’s inauguration. Since then I’ve met many others, like Peter Lemon who is our only Canadian recipient. (He’s now a US citizen, but at the time was a citizen of our neighbor to the North.) I’ve met Dakota Meyer briefly, and interviewed Clint Romesha. I had breakfast with Ty Carter. And I’ve had a few incredible nights out with Sal Giunta, who will always be my favorite. (He emailed the other day that he was rooting for my Sox in Game 1, if only because he said he always roots for the home team.)

What you find when you meet these men is that you need to really separate their actions from the guys they are. Sal is about the nicest guy on the planet, and one of the few on my approved “hug” list. Clint just impressed me with what a family man he is. Ty as well, who on the day of his MOH ceremony was concerned over breakfast about his kids and family members. Which is why I think this program is so perfect for school kids. Learn more about this program by going to