Veterans Green Corps (VGC) is hiring veteran who are up for a challenge and want to continue serving their country in America’s great outdoors. Can check it out by going to or you can continue reading here.

VGC conservation work is focused on protecting and preserving our public lands. Done in cooperation with national forests, national parks, the Bureau of Land Management, and state and local government agencies, these projects are an opportunity to take care of our national treasures while working alongside other vets with common goals.

Veteran crews are trained and hired to work on projects such as trail construction and maintenance, fencing, habitat improvement, hazardous fuels reduction, noxious weed removal, re-vegetation and more. Prior experience doing conservation work is not required!

Projects are described below. Get in touch immediately to apply for this rewarding opportunity – and get geared up for a chance to work with The Corps Network

Calling All Military Vets

This is tough work!

–Conservation projects are physically demanding and will often require heavy lifting and hiking with equipment and packs.

–Corps members may be required to use various hand tools for project completion.

–Crews may work and camp outside for up to 11 days at a time in front country and/or back country locations in all types of weather conditions.

–Crews prepare all their own meals and work together as a group to complete all necessary living chores.

–A typical all-veteran crew consists of 6-8 members, 2 leaders and 1-2 members serving as veteran advocates.

–VGC programs provide all necessary training.

–Living and working in the outdoors offers an incredibly rewarding experience!

Who is eligible to apply:

*        All honorably discharged veterans.

*        Veterans of all ages.

*        Veterans with a DD 214.

*        Veterans with all levels of experience.

Conservation Projects

Great Basin Institute, Nevada Conservation Corps – Las Vegas, Nevada

Throughout the summer and fall seasons, a 6-person veteran crew will complete technical trail building and maintenance on U.S. Forest Service trails in the Spring Mountains. Don’t let the nearby desert landscape fool you! The Spring Mountains are rich in forests, streams and mountain vistas. Work will include constructing trail treads, cutting fallen trees from the trail, building water diversion structures, constructing rock retaining walls and much more. Crew work begins in mid-May and continues into November.

Southwest Conservation Corps – Salida, Colorado

Two Summer Technical Trail crews, each with 8 veterans, 2 crew leaders and 6 crew members, will work in the southern Colorado Rockies based out of the Arkansas River headwaters in Salida, Colorado. Trail work will commence in the Rio Grande National Forest with an emphasis on maintenance. Crews will often camp out in the backcountry for days at a time. Work includes rock removal from trail tread, tree clearing with crosscut saws in wilderness areas, and rehabilitation of water diversion structures. One of the crews will be co-ed, with half of the veterans being women and one woman working in a crew leader role. Crew leaders will begin training April 20, crew members will train May 30, and work will be completed by August 20.

Southwest Conservation Corps – Durango, Colorado

Two Fall Saw crews, each with 8 veterans and 2 crew leaders, will conduct fire mitigation and hazardous fuel removal in the southern Colorado Rockies. This work is focused on decreasing the risk associated with wildfires, which pose great threats to intermountain communities throughout the western U.S. Crews will receive chainsaw training to safely reduce wildfire risk by cutting out weak, dead and crowded trees in overgrown forests. The project will begin in August and end in


Medicine Bow – Wyoming and Colorado

Two 8-person saw crews will be formed to remove dead trees that are victims of Mountain Pine Beetle attacks. Over time, dead standing trees present a hazard as they become weak and eventually fall. Crews will be trained on safety and use of chainsaws to eliminate this risk along trail corridors and public use areas. Each crew will have 2 crew leaders and will operate throughout the Routt/Medicine Bow National Forest along

the Colorado-Wyoming border. The summer project begins in mid-June and will continue into September.

Utah Conservation Corps – Logan, Utah

The Inclusive Crew, a 4-person veteran crew, will be formed in Utah with 2 disabled veteran positions. Work will include campground assessments and other conservation work on public lands. Projects will be completed from May 10 to Aug 14.

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