Results of the election for Department Officers

Commander Gar Williams, Craig, Co belongs to Steamboat Springs Post 44, email

  • Jr Vice Commander Jon Golley Ft Morgan, CO belongs to Wiggins Post 76, District 3
  • Jr Vice Commander Jim Gates, Longmont, CO belongs to Longmont Post 32, District 4
    • Jr Vice Commander Jim Gillis, Aurora, CO belongs to Aurora Post 1992 – District 5
    • Jr Vice Commander Thresa Arney, Lakewood, CO belongs to Federal Heights Post 777, District 6
    • Jr Vice Commander Larry Decker Pueblo West, CO belongs to Pueblo West Post 207, District 8
    • Jr Vice Commander Jim Park, Grand Junction, CO belongs to Grand Junction Post 200, District 13
    • Finance Officer Paul Erickson, Arvada, CO belongs to Arvada Post 161
    • Chaplain Tony McCrary, Lakewood, CO belongs to Lakewood Post 178
    • Historian Eleanor Allen, Denver, CO belongs to Denver Post 1
    • Photographer Darrell Myers, Aurora, CO belongs to Aurora Post 23
    • Sgt-At-Arms Robb Smith, Loveland, CO belongs to Loveland Post 15;;
    • Asst Sgt-At-Arms Tony DuMosch, Loveland, CO belongs to Loveland Post 15;;Asst Sgt-At-Arms Kenneth Romero, Johnstown, CO belongs to Johnstown Post 70
    • Jeff Luginbuel remains as National Executive Committeeman and Ralph Bozella remains as Alternate National Executive Committeeman. Charles Pat Smith remains as Department Adjutant, Michael Stone as Service Officer, Jane Letofsky as Administrative Assistant at the service office and Elaine Bock as Administrative Assistant at Department Headquarters and Anita Flageolle as Accountant. Joe Ross and Sue Eaton remain as part time membership work.
    • We will be publishing the complete contact information for these officers later but in the meantime if you need to contact any of them call Department Headquarters at 303 366-5201 or 1-800-477-1655.