Department of Pennsylvania Commander Dennis Haas

Department of Pennsylvania Commander Dennis Haas

PITTSBURGH (June 16, 2015) – Alarmed at a report that workplace harassment has been a problem in the Pittsburgh VA health system for years, the head of the Pennsylvania American Legion called for a ‘complete culture change’ in order to better serve veterans.

“The latest incident of a VA worker in Oakland being bound to a chair with duct tape seems more like a college frat house prank rather than the professional environment that veterans have a right to expect when they visit the health care system that exists to serve them,” said Pennsylvania American Legion Commander Dennis Haas. “VA has some very serious and well-documented issues to grapple with. At a time when VA desperately needs to attract smart, problem-solving professionals, it cannot tolerate juvenile behavior such as this. Those involved in this type of boorishness need to grow up or get off the VA payroll.”

Haas also pointed out that serious allegations of nepotism in hiring and retaliation against whistleblowers have been made about the VA’s Philadelphia regional office. “We are seeing plenty of allegations and investigations, but very little action,” he said. “Nationally, The American Legion has been monitoring this. I want to remind the Pennsylvania VA centers and offices that the local American Legion is also watching what’s occurring in the Keystone State.”


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