Photograph provided by The American Legion National Headquarters

Photograph provided by The American Legion National Headquarters

Now that the Department of Defense has granted veterans service organizations greater access to military installations to provide support for troops and their families, The American Legion has created a new publication as a resource for departments, districts and posts to use to help ease the transition from military to civilian life.

The booklet, “Access Granted: Assisting Troops with Transition Benefits,” provides ways Legion members can gain access to military installations and connect with service members. While DoD does not allow membership recruiting on its installations, the easier access policy allows the Legion to display its programs and demonstrate its advocacy for veterans to prospective members.

For example, Legionnaires can host informational events and provide support to service members, such as through Operation Comfort Warriors.

The publication also outlines how to request access to a military installation, a checklist to obtaining access and restrictions to follow while there. Additional online resources include a request letter template, an example of a Memorandum of Understanding between the installation and post, what an approval or disapproval letter for access may look like, and a list of items installation commanders will look for before considering a request for access to the installation.

Download “Access Granted: Assisting Troops with Transition Benefits” online here. And for the online resources, visit