Today people are always looking for opportunities to save time and spend less money. TRICARE Pharmacy Home Delivery allows beneficiaries to do this by delivering maintenance medications safely and securely to their home through the U.S. mail.

“For more than 10 years, TRICARE has offered home delivery as a convenient alternative to picking up prescription medications at a civilian retail pharmacy,” said Rear Adm. Thomas McGinnis, chief of TRICARE Pharmacy Operations. “TRICARE undertook an aggressive campaign to increase awareness of the benefits and savings of home delivery in 2010, which contributed to a 12.3 percent increase in participation.” More than one million prescriptions were filled through home delivery in each of the last five months of 2010 – a record.

Pharmacy home delivery is available to many categories of beneficiaries, including active duty service members deployed overseas.

“Home delivery can be to any U.S. postal address and overseas Army Post Offices (APO), Fleet Post Offices (FPO) and in some cases, U.S. Embassies,” McGinnis said. “Beneficiaries have convenient and secure Internet access to their plan information and can manage their prescriptions online.”

Home delivery is especially useful for beneficiaries with prescriptions they need to take on a regular basis – maintenance medications. These medications are used to treat illnesses such as diabetes, asthma and high blood pressure. If beneficiaries need immediate relief from a pain medication or antibiotics, they should have their prescription filled at a military treatment facility or retail network pharmacy.

Pharmacy home delivery also features an automatic prescription refill option to ensure beneficiaries are always supplied with the medications they need and checks medical and prescription history to avoid harmful drug interactions. A phone line is available 24/7 to speak directly to a pharmacist.

TRICARE retail network pharmacies fill prescriptions with a 30-day supply. Home delivery fills prescriptions for the same copayment, but for 90 days. Home delivery costs beneficiaries $3 for a 90-day supply for generic formulary medications and $9 for a 90-day supply for formulary brand-name medications.

TRICARE beneficiaries switching to pharmacy home delivery from retail pharmacies in 2010 saved 66 percent on their copayments, up to $176 a year for a non-formulary prescription. They also saved taxpayers $30.7 million.

McGinnis attributes this growth to outreach in 2010. For example, new “explanations of benefits” from retail pharmacies show beneficiaries how much they can save by switching to pharmacy home delivery. The new automatic prescription refill program also contributed to this success.

To sign up for pharmacy home delivery or to learn more about the program, go to or call the Member Choice Center toll free at 1-877-363-1343.