The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is seeking nominations of qualified candidates to be considered for appointment to serve as a member of the Research Advisory Committee on Gulf War Veterans’ Illnesses (RAC).

The RAC was established pursuant to section 104 of Public Law 105-368 to provide advice to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) on proposed research studies, research plans, or research strategies relating to the health consequences of military service in the Southwest Asia Theater of operations during the Persian Gulf War. The Committee periodically releases reports that summarize and make recommendations regarding research on the health of Gulf War Veterans.

“VA recognizes and respects the service, dedication and many challenges faced by Veterans of the 1990-1991 Gulf War, and is committed to improving the health and well-being of these Veterans. Through its recommendations regarding relevant research, members of the RAC play an integral part in helping us achieve this goal,” said VA Secretary Robert A. McDonald. “Widening our search for committee members to fill the upcoming vacancies will provide better diversity, and enable us to bring in new, well-qualified members with fresh perspectives and input.”

The Committee is composed of approximately 12 members, appointed by the VA Secretary for either a 2- or 3-year term of service; members may be reappointed for additional 1- or 2-year terms. The Chair of the Committee is appointed for an initial 2-year term and may be reappointed for an additional 1- or 2-year term. By law, the RAC membership must include members of the general public, including Gulf War Veterans and representatives of such Veterans. The RAC’s charter also provides that the membership will include members of the medical and scientific communities representing appropriate disciplines such as, but not limited to, epidemiology, immunology, environmental health, neurology and toxicology.

“VA continues to provide health care and benefits to these Veterans and to invest in research to understand and treat Gulf War Veterans’ Illnesses. We agree that there are health issues associated with service in the Gulf War, and are clear in our commitment to treating these health issues,” said Carolyn M. Clancy, M.D., Interim Under Secretary for Health.

Nominations for membership on the Committee must be received no later than 5:00 p.m. EDT on October 24, 2014. The Federal Register Notice can be found at

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