Pat Smith, Department Adjutant

Pat Smith, Department Adjutant

By: Pat Smith, Department Adjutant – Article Published in the May Observer

As our Department Commander Carol Kennedy Says, “Thanks for your service to our nation.” One time a year we communicate will all of our Colorado American Legion members through this Observer tabloid newspaper. The world is moving so fast now in the information age that newspapers can no longer compete with all of the fancy electronic means of communication.

We publish this annual edition to inform you of our annual convention. Electronic communication has not replaced the need for veterans to get together in convention and renew old friendships, discuss the import issues facing our communities, our families and the veterans we are pledged to serve. This paper does not contain a lot of current news. If you want the latest news just go to your computer and check out the Department of Colorado Website at, the National Website at or any number of electronic forms of news distribution. Perhaps you say you are too old for computers, then just ask your grandkids to get you on the web.

Anyway, there is a lot going on in Colorado with our veterans. As you may know the VA is trying to build a new hospital for veterans at the old Fitzsimons Army base. I say trying because things are not going so well. They are over budget and way behind schedule. They blame the general contractor. We are blaming the VA and their crazy way they build hospitals. Congress is involved and asking hard questions on how could all of this happen. It is a mess. The delegates that assemble for our convention in Lamar on June 19-22 will be talking about a solution to this and many other important issues facing veterans.

So that is what this paper is all about. We would like to see you come to our convention and be part of the solution. Elsewhere in this paper you will find an agenda for the sessions. The Auxiliary and the Sons of The American Legion will also be in session and their information is contained in this paper.

So I am sure you want to be a part of this important meeting. Pull out your membership card, find out what post you belong to, call your Post Adjutant or Commander and tell them you want to be a delegate to the convention. Call your favorite motel and book a room. Then show up and be part of the process that for 95 years has made a difference in the lives of all of America’s veterans. We must continue our advocacy for veterans. The younger generation of veterans needs us to watch out for their best interest, just like the WWI and WWII veterans did for the rest of us.

Thanks for reading this. Join us online for the latest up to date news.