By: Carol Kennedy, Department Commander

As per the VA there are 22.4million veterans in the United States and 59% know NOTHING about the VA. We need t start getting the words out that every veteran needs to file with the VA–EVEN if they think they aren’t eligible for care or compensation. We have 1.3 million veterans that have NO medical care at all. Many would be eligible for medical care if only they filed.

Besides encouraging every veteran you meet to consider joining The American Legion but to also file with the VA. Remember numbers carry clout and we need all the clout we can get to help obtain and KEEP the issues of veterans needs in the foreground.

Remind them– as The American Legion we BELIEVE in Patriotism. We BELIEVE in helping Veterans (active duty and all veterans), our kids and our communities. Invite them to join us and insure them that together we can make a DIFFERENCE.

Encourage everyone you know to go online and access the Legion new Can-Am Motorcycle raffle and purchase a few tickets ($20 each). This money will be used to help fund our programs and to help veterans in need (Colorado Veterans Kids Fund).  Also visit the Department Website at  Read the news, surf the included items and share them with the veterans that don’t have computer access.

Please attend the Veterans Day at the Capital on 27 Jan (arrive about 0930) begins at 1000. We want our veterans to be thanked for their service and we want to send a HUGE signal to our Senators and Representatives that we as veterans care about the legislation that is being made. Hope to see you there.

Plan to attend our Midyear Conference Longmont on 17-19 Janjuary 2014.

Additional details listed later in the Observer or call the Dept. for questions. There will be LOTS of good speakers, some reports and a heap of fun. Join us.