Richard Humphrey, Department Commander

Richard Humphrey, Department Commander

By: Richard Humphrey, Department Commander, Article Published in Sept 2014

Here we are, the start of a new membership year. You should have your 2015 membership cards now and getting your post renewals started. So far we have over 6000 submitted so let’s keep up the great work.

SVC Bill Pollack and I have just returned from the Membership Workshop in Indianapolis. We talked with Department Commanders and Membership Chairman from around the country. Everyone was very interested in what Colorado is doing on membership. Colorado IS NUMBER ONE in membership. Colorado was even used in some of their presentations.

Colorado has a retention rate of 84% on renewing our current members. National has a retention rate of 86%.

We are close to the top of the list on our renewal rate. Renewal notices were sent from the National organization in July this year. Even though this is the start of the membership year, it is never too late to get those renewals in. Every post has those members that wait till the last minute to get their renewal completed. Get in touch with those members; work on getting that renewal in now.

How many of you can get your 100% membership goal before 31 December?

District Fall Conferences have started and your Department Officers will be at those conferences with important information for you and your posts. I highly encourage all of your Post officers attend this meeting. The membership committee will be holding an open house membership drive just before some of conferences assisting the District in their membership drives.

The name of The American Legion is at the forefront of Congress and all veteran service organizations. We need to keep this progress and the only way to keep our name in front of Congress and fight for Veteran’s benefits is with membership. The 2.5 million members is a great incentive, but 3 million would be better, 3.5 would be fantastic.

Our goal this year from the National organization has been set high. We know the reason…They know we can do it. We can reach their goal plus. Our DMS program is working – we have already started a recruiting program in Districts 11 and 13. We will continue establishing recruiting programs throughout Colorado as the year progresses. But it is your responsibility to assist in this effort. You are the individuals who make this the best Department in the United States.

At the National convention this past August, Colorado was on stage receiving awards for your efforts last year in membership. As you hopefully remember, Commander Dellinger was giving a Bronze Eagle award to the top Departments. Our Mid-Western National Vice Commander Douglas Wooddell, assisted in handing out these awards. Out of the 7 awards given, the western region received 5 of these awards. COLORADO RECEIVED THE MEMBERSHIP AWARD FOR BEING THE BEST IN THE COUNTRY. This was due to your efforts. Congratulations and thank you!

Contact Tom Bock at Department Headquarters for a list of your members that have already joined The American Legion at the National Headquarters. There are thousands of names on this list from all over Colorado. Call them; get them to transfer to your post. Hold a recruiting program at the local Target, K-Mart, grocery, or sporting goods store. Everyone has to shop. Ask if they are a veteran, see if they are already a member, if not tell them who we are, what we do for our veterans, our children, for their benefits and why they should join.

It is that easy.