By: Carol Kennedy, Department Commander

Springtime brings us to thoughts of warmer weather, blossoming of trees and flowers and other signs of life and happiness. Think about our children as they blossom and grow – or not. We have many children of Colorado Veterans that are not blossoming – they are just hanging on. They need adequate food and clothing and here is where we can help. Donate to the Colorado Veterans Kids Fund. YES any amount, no matter how small helps. Send your donations to Dept. 7465 E. 1st Ave. Ste D Denver, Co 80230. Also search your communities for veterans that are in need of our help and refer them via your adjutant to Dept. It’s what we promised to do for our veterans and their kids.

Sponsor one or several C&Y programs in your community. Check out the National Am. Legion Youth Programs contact Child Welfare Mgr @ (317-630-1323) or (317-630-1202) request C&Y fliers. They have excellent programs- i.e.-Gateway Drugs, Childhood Safety, Temporary Financial Asst., etc. or create your very own special program. Find those kids in your community and help them as best you can. My favorite quote is Larry “Bear” Weinzirl, National C&Y Commission Chairman “The children of our country are our greatest natural resource. Fifty years from now it won’t matter the type of house I lived in, the make of car I drove, or the amount of money I had in my bank account….but the world may be better because I made a difference in the life of a child.” Let’s continue to make a difference.

REPORT what you do for C&Y. Report form can be located on Dept. website go to and click on forms or call Dept. for additional info (303-366-5201). The Colorado C&Y Comm. re-designed the report form, making it easier, just check the boxes with your activities but PLEASE don’t mix C&Y with Americanism. They are different. Americanism includes (Boys State, Baseball, Boys Scouts, etc). Report them all on their individual report form. If you really didn’t do any C&Y programs, just mark, “No Report” on the report sheet—that in itself becomes a report. Now that I have you totally confused—let’s move on to a program that is near and dear to my heart.

BOYS STATE; I have volunteered for 5 years for–Colorado Boys State. Last year we had 209 boys attend our program. Our goal for this year is 250—BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP!! Talk with boys in your communities, churches, schools and your relatives. Tell them what Boys State is about, how they will benefit and the fact that 4 college credits are available after completion of the one week program. Have them go to and follow the directions. Remind them the cost to boys/family is FREE.

Boys State will make a difference in their lives. They don’t need to have 4.0 or be President of Student Counsel; they just need the desire to attend. Any boy that has completed their junior year in high school and is eligible to graduate in 2015 can apply. For questions you are unable to answer- refer them to your Post POC or Jay Bowen, Chairman (c-719-484-7193) or Tom Bock, Director (303-366-5201).

We PROMISED to take care of our children—here is your opportunity. Because we do BELIEVE in taking care of our children… step up, do something now and together we can make a DIFFERENCE in their lives.

Continue to “Ignite Patriotism” and THANK YOU for everything you do for The American Legion.