By: Carol Kennedy, Department Commander

Here are a few Legion Family Members that distinguished themselves while “Igniting Patriotism”.

Dave Turley –through his continuous post leadership positions, Post and Department Boys State Program, Baseball Chairman for Post 1980 as well as Mayor of Woodland Park is an exemplary role model for children and youth and his community.

O.J. Metzger–a member of Brush Post 68 rescued military memorabilia and established a military museum room in Brush. He volunteers at Plains Hospice and established a Veterans Hospice, where veterans provide friendship, emotional healing and consolation in the final hours of veteran’s life. O.J. developed this program and trained other veterans to serve their fellow veterans in his community.

Dean Casey—by serving as the American Legion Veteran’s Service Officer and District 5 Commander he has helped veterans file claims, follow up on these claims and in educating veterans, making friends and changing the lives of many veterans for the better. Dean’s message is “We are a grateful nation and this is one small way we can thank them and welcome them home.”

Dee Grimes—Post 1980 member and officer was instrumental in the establishing of the POW/MIA Highway, where 18 miles of the highway from Divide to Cripple Creek was named for the POW/MIA’s in Colorado. We are reminding every traveler, “Our POW/MIA’s SHOULD NEVER BE FORGOTTEN”.

Anthony “Tony” Abbott—established a program to assemble “goody packets” for the National Guard soldiers working the flood relief in the Loveland area. Tony provided multiple distribution sessions while he rewarded our soldiers with a handshake and love.

Jim Hartshorn and Legionnaires of Greely Post 18—for providing food, clothing, guidance and fundraisers as well as a post home for veterans involved in the flood torn area of Greely.

Elaine Bock—for her professional demeanor, organizational skills and “Motherly love”, everyday to every veteran, family member and visitor as they enter The Department Headquarters.

How Exciting! Everywhere I look I am finding someone “Igniting Patriotism”.

Matthew Burgdorff, 3 year old grandson of TAL Westcliffe Post 170, member Jerry Tracewell (USMC-Vietnam) has learned the Pledge of Allegiance and every time he and a parent visit the ACE Hardware in Westcliffe he stops at the flag display and requires every customer and clerk to remove their cover, place their hand over their heart as he says the Pledge of Allegiance. Matthew was a special guest at Post 170 membership meeting leading their pledge. Post 170 gave Matthew a membership in their SAL, via grandpa’s service.

Most of our Legionnaires in Colorado do a phenomenal job of “Igniting Patriotism”. Thank you to everyone one of you!