Tom Florez Commander Department of Colorado

Tom Florez Commander Department of Colorado

Dear Legion Leaders,

I ask for your assistance. We are about a week away from Colorado’s membership target date of 75%.

I need your help in bringing in our membership renewals.

Ask our Post Commanders and Adjutants to not sit on the three part cards and get them in as quickly as possible to Department headquarters.

My compliments goes out to each Post within the Department, for “all” your efforts in achieving your goals so far. You have already come a long way, and we collectively are at over 72%.

What we do together to preserve our membership is significant and extremely important. Without our membership we lose our ability to assist veterans, support our four pillars, Legion programs and our voice to hold congress accountable to our fellow veterans.

If I or your Department Staff may be of assistance please call – 303 366 5201.

Thank you.


Tom Florez, TAL-COLO Commander