Tom Florez Commander Department of Colorado

Tom Florez Commander Department of Colorado

By: Tom Florez, Department Commander – As Published in the October 2015 Internet Observer

Communication!  In today’s world of Mass Communications and Media Technology we still maintain problems of communication. Accurate and discernable communication is the key to success.

All who served were trained to listen to the cadence as we marched.  The commands were mostly simple, though on occasion the Drill Instructor would have to use a rock to get his point across.

Bells and whistles were important too. Our friends in the Navy, Marine Corp and Coast Guard may attest to those experiences.

In our organization it is very important that  Post Commanders and Officers communicate with their members.  There are many methods, starting with monthly meetings and newsletters. Communication is best going both ways.  It is important that members feel free to talk to their Post Officers. To communicate the needs of other veterans and the needs of the children and youth in your communities.

In my communication to you the member, I ask you to inform me of a member of your Post and or District that is “ Making a Difference” for the Good of The American Legion. It is a great obligation of a Department Commander to recognize a member(s) who brings dedication & honor to our organization.

The purpose for these monthly articles from your Department Commander is to convey a message. It is to provide direction and encouragement. To recognize the efforts of our members. To ask for your assistance, time and effort. To remember our organizations foundations, it’s four pillars, and our continued efforts in veteran services.

For most reading here the honor of our service, our obligation to our country is a life time commitment.  The act of being a member in the American Legion is an act of being in a brotherhood (okay Terri S., of course women service members too) of veterans throughout Colorado and the United States. All our members can proudly proclaim “I served my Country”.  You the member can also be proud of the fact that you belong to the most influential, veteran supportive and advocate in the largest veteran service organization in the United States.

I communicate to you the member. I ask for your efforts and support in helping our veteran members to bring in their dues, and achieve our 100% membership goal by December 31, 2015. It is a goal that can be achieved. With the help of a great number of members, we continue to direct our efforts and move throughout our great state, visiting Post’s and Districts and supporting your efforts and dedication. I value your membership and do not take your efforts lightly and for granted.  Truly I understand the capabilities of our membership and appreciate and thank each of you for your effort.

Best to you all!