Tom Florez Commander Department of Colorado

Tom Florez Commander Department of Colorado

By: Tom Florez, Department Commander

I would like to invite “all” members to our Mid- Year Conferenceto be held January 21 – 24, 2016 in Longmont, hosted by Post32 and the District 4 community.

Thursday afternoon 1:00 pm at Longmont Post 32 we have scheduleda leadership & membership seminarof interest to “all” Colorado Legion members. “All” members are
welcome to attend.

Friday morning of our Mid –Year Conference, 10:00 am, our Membership Committee will meet and make final plans and decisions as to our membership growth and
goals. We anticipate reports and advisements from our Department Junior Vice & District Commanders.

Our Department Executive Committee will gather to discuss programs, resolutions, items of interest and other” For the Good of The Legion” issues, Friday afternoon at 1:00 pm.

Denise Rohan (Wisconsin) candidate for National Commander will be our quest speaker at our Troop Induction ceremony to be held Friday at 6:00 pm. The American Legion, Department of
Colorado, members, Posts and officers have given their support to these young men and women in the past and I would encourage “all” that can be present to attend. It is a most honorable endeavor.

Saturday our Children and Youth Breakfast starts at 7:00 am to be followed by our opening session at 8:30am. Invited guest speakers from our American Legion National Auxiliary and SAL are Judy Tweet and Steve Ward respectively, who will share their message and experiences before our separate sessions begin at 10:00 am.

Our Boys State meeting begins at 1:00 pm Saturday as conducted by Senior Vice Jay Bowen. Jay invites “all” Legion members to attend and to help us increase Boy State participation. Our
Department Service Office will provide a workshop, along with Oratorical and many of our other fine Legion programs in the afternoon.

Chaplain Stan Hamamoto will lead our Memorial Services on Sunday January 24, 2016 at 10:00 am. As Pastor Stan states “Go to Church” and I concur it will be a good time to give thanks
and gratitude for the blessings given our great United States of America.

Before the National per capita dues increase takes effect on January 20, 2016 I ask all of our members, Posts and Districts to continue to focus on membership. Focus on bringing in our membership to 100%. I applaud the efforts of our many enthusiastic members, Posts and Districts that have worked hard to support our collective efforts. The American Legion of Colorado is a great team.

Now is not the time to run adrift. “All” members, Posts, Districts & Department officers need to minimize differences, with respect and consistency in being supportive of each other and our overall effort. We “all” will benefit by communicating and cooperating with each other. Let us “Make a Difference” for veterans, children and our great Colorado Communities.