Carol Kennedy, Department Commander

Carol Kennedy, Department Commander

By: Carol Kennedy, Department Commander – Article Published in the May Observer

Our membership is strong but we need 156 renewals/new members to reach the goal National set for us. We can do this!! Reminder, send your list of new members and their recruiters to Tom Bock at Dept. to be included in the 357 Rueger revolver drawing. That drawing will be held at the convention. The more members we have the more veterans we can help. The membership committee is working really hard to meet our goal, BUT they NEED your HELP!!

My year is winding down. It has been an honor for me to represent you and your Post this year. It is now time to finalize plans to attend the annual Department Convention in Lamar 20-22 June. It is important to attend, voting for you leadership in the upcoming year, resolutions that may change the way we operate our Department, Districts and Posts. There will be some awards and fun as well. This gives you a chance to renew your Legion friendships. If you need info on hotels, etc. contact Elaine Bock at Dept. 303-366-5201. Hope to see you there.

DEPARTMENTS NEED’S YOUR REPORTS! Even if you do nothing—send in a report that says we do nothing, because that is a report. The National Commander gives a report to Congress every year with these items included. Take credit for what you do and you do some great programs. TOOT YOUR OWN HORN! We’re proud of you!!!

Post and District elections are happening, I encourage new folks to step up and take offices in your Post and Districts. PLEASE don’t continue to vote in folks that just want the title. Elect someone that is interested in the success of your Post, District and Department. We have lots of good people and they need your support.

THANKS for everything you do for The American Legion. COLORADO ROCKS!!!!

Because we do BELIEVE in Patriotism, we do BELIEVE in helping our veterans, our kids and our communities. Together we can make a DIFFERENCE!!