By: Jim Gillis, Department Commander

As your new Department Commander I want to thank all Legion members for your support in electing me as your commander for 2011-2012.

It is a true honor and privilege for me to be your Commander. I look forward to working with all our distinguished Blue Hat Legion Members, our Department, District and Post Officers in our great State of Colorado.

My Motto Is; “United We Stand.” Our Legion Family, American Legion, Sons of The Legion, American Legion Auxiliary and our Juniors, all by working together can accomplish our goals and have an impressive year.

“United We Stand” in support of our Four Pillars of Service; Fostering a Strong National Security, Taking Care of Veterans, Mentoring the Youth of Our Nation and Promoting Patriotism and Honor.

This year, as in past years, we will have many changes and challenges. We can overcome many of these by moving our current way of doing things, and how we work our programs, out of the last century and into the 21st Century. We live in a new age, if we want to keep up with the times and bring in new young Legion members and keep them around we have to ‘change’ a lot of our ways.

I am looking forward to a splendid year. I expect to get out into the field and visit many Posts. My commitment to all Post Commanders is that if you are having a special event at your post, in your community, or any event that you would like to have a Department Officer there, we will be there, if at all possible. Just contact the Department, as much in advance as you can, and give them the information and it will be worked out.