Richard Humphrey, Department Commander

Richard Humphrey, Department Commander

By: Richard Humphrey, Department Commander – Article Published in Dec 2014

I trust everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Posts around the state have had veterans into their organization giving cheer and thanks to those that have served this great country before us.

Christmas is almost here. A time of the year when we all get together with friends and family to celebrate with kids parties, adult parties and presents all around. Remember to be careful with your celebrations. We need you safe and sound and rejuvenated to carry on the programs of The American Legion.

The Oratorical contest is set for January 3rd. Hopefully you have your contestants pumped and ready to go. There is still a little time to get them ready for the State contest and National contest. Last year Colorado had a 3rd place finalist in the National contest in Indianapolis. Colorado can do this again, only 1st place would be great.

Remember to get those 2014 and later members to renew their membership. We have made all of the goals set so far, we just need to get these members renewed and sent into National. Our numbers are good, but you can to better. December 5th, 6th and 7th we will be holding a DMS phone bank at Headquarters and Post 1 to help us get those members currently in the National organization reassigned to Colorado where they belong. Come out and help us. This is a great way to increase your post membership. Don’t forget the $1500.00 drawing that will be held for all of you who get new members. Any new member you sign up and those that have been delinquent from 2013 and back are legible to include the member who signed them up. Be sure to get this list of names to Tom Bock at Department for this drawing.

Mid-Year Conference is scheduled for January 23rd – 25th in Colorado Springs. Room reservation request forms are on the website. Get them in as soon as possible to reserve your room.

Here is hoping you had a great Thanksgiving and you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.