Richard Humphrey 1By: Richard Humphrey, Department Sr. Vice Commander

Another Convention has come to an end and with a new set of officers on board. Their commitment is to out-do what was done last year. That will be a challenge because of the great job Commander Jim did; however, I believe with the group in place on the membership committee and those members at the Posts we can do even better. Sorry, I will not be sending out those “Shooting For The Stars” posters with your membership. I know you will really miss that.

Last year there was an 86.9% renewal rate for Colorado, a little less than 3000 members did not renew their membership in The American Legion. WHY? We need to increase this renewal percentage rate. How many of those individuals were 2nd year members that were not initiated into The American Legion or were not invited to your Post or to meetings. How many could have contributed to your post? All is not lost and neither are they. You still have their information. Contact them, find out why they did not renew, see if you can get them to renew their membership now. Get them involved with your Post.

We will be holding DMS transfers sessions again this year and some educational meeting throughout the state. I encourage you to attend especially the Post and District Sr. Vice Commanders and Commanders and assist with those transfers into your Posts. I also encourage you to contact Headquarters to get a list of those individuals residing in your area that are currently assigned to Headquarters 211 or Lowry 123 and transfer those members to your post. Once there get them involved with your programs, start new programs, and watch your post come alive again like it used to be. The educational programs will be coming out in the next several months. This will help you in your recruiting, your programs, and building your post membership.

If you have an interest in membership and would like to help with our subcommittees, contact the Junior Vice Commander for your area or email me. We will need your help in these programs. You are the backbone of this great organization. The need is there to help your fellow comrades. Step up and do what you do best.

With your assistance we can make this a much better year than last. Our goals have been set for the Post, the District and the State. It can be reached very easy if we all kick in and contact our non-renewals, contact those veterans in your area for membership in this the greatest and largest veteran’s organization in the world, The American Legion.

Don’t forget about their spouses and children. When you go to recruit the veteran, take an Auxiliary and Sons application with you. Remember we are a family.