Jay Bowen Department Sr. Vice Commander

Jay Bowen Department Sr. Vice Commander

By: Jay Bowen, Department Sr. Vice Commander – As Published in the October 2015 Internet Observer

Wow, don’t you get tired of reading and hearing me and others talk about membership? I wonder why that is? If you were at the Department Convention in June, you may recall that I spoke about how The American Legion is a living entity. If you believe that as I do, you must also buy into a basic tenet about living things; they either grow or die. That is true about your Post and our organization. The American Legion is too critical to our Veterans and community to die. We are needed now as much as ever.

The American Legion is not a faceless organization. It is almost 2.3 million faces. It is you. It is me. It is all of us. When we don’t renew or grow, a little piece of this living thing dies just a little. If it continues, we will reach a point where renewed growth is not possible. We are the largest war-time Veterans Service Organization in the country. We are called upon by Congress and the White House to testify and render opinions and recommendations on Veterans’ issues. The reason we have that level of trust and confidence is because of you. Your membership sends a strong message to our elected officials that we are of one voice when it comes to helping our Veterans and maintaining a strong National Defense. With budget cuts looming and changes to benefits affecting our Veterans (that is all of us), we need The American Legion to continue the fight. Our elected officials will listen to a strong voice. We cannot let that voice soften.

So get your renewal in now to let the folks in Washington and in Denver know we will not waiver in our stand to keep our country strong and our Veterans’ benefits intact. We earned these benefits and must do everything we can to ensure they don’t disappear. Get out there and find new members so we can make our voice even stronger.

Let’s continue to grow, and grow stronger, and grow stronger now!