By: Jay Bowen, Department Sr. Vice Commander, as published in the December 2015 issue of the Internet Observer

Jay Bowen Department Sr. Vice Commander

Jay Bowen Department Sr. Vice Commander

I know what you’re thinking; should I give them another Fruit Cake this year or the Christmas tie? Why not give that loved one something they’ll enjoy for an entire year and possibly longer? If you are reading this you are probably a member of The American Legion family. And because you are a member, there’s a better than even chance the people you are buying a Christmas or Hanukah gift for is also eligible for membership into The American Legion, the Sons of The American Legion, or The American Legion Auxiliary. If the person is a rider, you can show how much you love that special someone with a membership to The American Legion Riders as well.

Not kidding. You must believe being a member of the largest Veterans Service Organization in the country is a good deal. Why not share that with someone special? This is a gift with tangible and intangible benefits. Like you, they will also receive the Legion Magazine, discounts on prescription drugs, travel, and dinners, a free $1,000 accidental death and dismemberment policy, local Newsletter publications, and the knowledge that their continuing membership and support helps Veterans, families of Veterans, and our Nation’s youths. You could put their new membership card in a nice greeting card with a note explaining this valuable gift (let me know if you would like ideas on what to write in the card). To do that however, you must act pretty quickly. As you know, processing memberships are not done on the spot. So allow enough time to get the membership processed and the new member’s card to you in time for the gift-giving. I have seen this work where a gift was made of membership, which grew into another active member of the Legion family forever.

It can truly be the gift that keeps on giving for many years. Now, forget that stale Fruit Cake. Give a gift that not only shows you care about the person receiving the gift, it also demonstrates your love for our Veterans and the programs our great organization supports.

By the way, because I’m already a member this would not be an appropriate gift for me. If you are wondering, I wear an XL shirt and love Hoodies!

Merry Christmas to all, or Happy Hanukah to those who don’t celebrate Christmas. And if you don’t recognize either holiday, I wish you a very merry December.