On Labor Day the 7th of September 2009 Colorado Legion family members participated in our 4th consecutive annual “Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon.” We took pledges over the telephone from viewers watching the telethon on Denver TV station KWGN- WB Channel-2 from all over State of Colorado.

    With our assistance by manning the telephones for a few hours taking pledges we assisted in the State of Colorado MDA raising over $1,000,000.00. The MDA telethon raised $60,000,000.00 nation-wide from National viewers for “Jerry’s Kids.”

    I was told by many of Colorado Legion volunteers they felt good about volunteering and by only donating a few hours of their time they contributed to a worthy cause and will be back next year.

    At this time I would like to say thank you very you much to the Legion family volunteers that donated their time to participate in manning the telephones taking pledges for “Jerry’s Kids.” In the photo are the volunteers and KWGN-TV Channel-2 hosts Kellie MacMullan, Jason Boyer, Jim Gillis, Anne Gillis, Rick Baldessari, JR Kent, Jim Clarke, Darlene Clarke, Rich Callan, Leonard Martinez, Carter Jones, Dean Casey, Pat Callahan, Harry Giglio, JoAnn Giglio, John Palmquist, Alonzo Rodriguez, Heather McCrary, Shawn McCrary, Anthony McCrary, Sam McCrary, Suzette Dickenson, Paul Dickenson and myself.

    While we were being televised on Channel-2 a lot of Legion Posts, Auxiliary Units, SAL Squadrons and Legion family members called in and pledged to MDA. I would like to say thank you very much on behalf of MDA for your generosity.

    I have already made arrangements with the MDA here in Denver for the Colorado Legion family members to return and participate in the 2010 telethon. If you would like to plan now to participate next years and get your name on the volunteer list please give me a call at (303) 371-5431. Take Care! Danny DuMiller, Past State Commander