Marriage: WWII and Today


January 13th, 2010 by Yellow Rose


Today would have been my parents wedding anniversary. They “ran off” to a little town 40 miles from home and got married. It was the middle of WWII and my dad was going back on duty after being home on leave.


It got me to thinking, why do couples do that? Get married during wartime, I mean. Do they feel they would regret it if they waited? Do they want to have an heir just in case their GI doesn’t come home? Do they really consider the consequences or do they do it in the heat of the moment?


“Most of these relationships were forged when the world was a dangerous place and life was uncertain. Couples were forced to confront the profound emotions and passions that come with the reality of separation and the prospect of death.” Tom Brokaw – The Greatest Generation


I don’t know exactly why my parents married at that particular time. Why they felt they had to do it then and not wait. My parent’s marriage lasted till death did them part. Today, many war time marriages are taking place. Unfortunately, many of them are ending as quickly as they happened.


What’s different now than it was during WWII? Is divorce just so much more easy and common? Is it because there isn’t as big a social stigma attached to it? Are the horrors of war that different? Do people just give up easier? Or were there just as many then?


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