Hi All,

I spoke with Curt Sorenson today and got an update on the project Cripple Creek Post 171 is working on in the community. The renovation of a home for a local Veteran with a child suffering with MS. As you may recall, their cause was reported in the Legion Magazine recently.

The Veteran, Andrew is temporarily staying in Oklahoma and making trips to check on the progress of his home. The 4-wheel drive truck he currently has is dilapidated and is on it’s last leg. Post 171 is hoping to find a dealer willing to either donate a used 4-wheel drive truck or SUV the Veteran can modify for his handicap son, or possibly offer him a good used 4-wheel drive vehicle for a very good discounted price.

Does anyone have a good contact at a dealership? If so, please reach out to Curt at the email csorenson@ku.edu or call him at 719-671-1037.

Since the Legion Magazine published the article about the project, Post 171  have been very blessed with an outpouring of donations and offer of assistance. The donations have been small, but good enough to get work done, such as electrical problems fixed and the VFW (I believe) is donating a Range and a Refrigerator. Home Depot came through with $5,000.

Please reach out to your contacts and let’s find a dealer with a big heart and willing to help a local hero.

Thanks in advance.

For God and Country,
Jay Bowen
The American Legion, Department of Colorado