The American Legion – January 4, 2010


Another batch of items purchased for the soldiers of the U.S. Army’s Bravo Troop 3-61 Cavalry arrived in Afghanistan recently.


Christmas was a great time for the soldiers of Black Knight Troop. After a day of relaxing and playing football myself, 1SG Burton and the Troop Commander placed all the items in a gathering area and then I took the center of the troop giving them a Christmas Speech, I told them how fortunate we were to have the folks back home that “Gave a Shit” that this was an overwhelming amount of support and that we have a great family and team not just here in country but back in the great USA.


I was, needless to say, nearly in tears while I was talking and looking at the amount of “gifts” there were in the stack. It was knowing that the time, effort, and care that was taken to put all this together. I also asked the troop for a moment of silence for the men lost on October 3rd, the silence was hauntingly quiet and you could tell that the fallen soldiers were in the minds of us all name by name.