As a citizen of the United States, voting is an ongoing civic responsibility, as well as a constitutional right. And with Election Day less than a month away, The American Legion is encouraging Legionnaires to exercise their right to vote and empower others to do the same.

Legionnaires can find various ways to help increase voter turnout at the polls on Nov. 6 with the Legion’s “Get out the Vote 2012” brochure. The brochure offers examples such as registering eligible voters, offering free transportation to the polls and hosting a nonpartisan candidates’ forum.

Start a successful voting campaign now by downloading the “Get out the Vote 2012” brochure by going to

Meanwhile, share your post’s invovlement with the Legion’s “Get out the Vote” program. To do so, download the feedback form found at Bob Wyman, adjutant of Legion Post 1799 in Haymarket, Va., said, “Our post provides a tailored email campaign to educate, encourage and motivate maximum turnout at the polls. Our tailored email letters are circulated to post members and our district to encourage all veterans and their families to vote. And our membership is notified about deadlines associated with absentee, early and regular voting options in Virginia.

“In addition, our Legionnaires are encouraged to work at the polls.”

Learn more about state voting, the presidential and vice presidential candidates’ running for office and much more by visiting Project Vote Smart at And for military and overseas voting information, visit the Federal Voting Assistance Program.