Last week, Past Department of New York Commander Mike Bowen gave a presentation at Monroe College, meeting with student veterans at the New York City college and explaining to them the benefits that can be reaped from starting an American Legion post on a college campus. Around 20 student veterans attended the presentation, which was organized by the school’s Student Veterans of America (SVA) chapter.

Bowen said he expects a Legion post to be founded at the school in the near future.

During his hour-long presentation, Bowen showcased what the Legion could offer a school that has a strong veterans presence like Monroe. Around 900 student veterans currently attend the school, which boasts a total enrollment of 7,700 students.

Intrigued by the success that other Legion posts have experienced at colleges and universities throughout the country, the president of the school’s SVA chapter invited Bowen to give a presentation to gauge interest in developing a post at the school. The response was overwhelmingly positive.

“We asked for a show of hands of who wanted to start a Legion post, and about two-thirds of them raised their hand,” Bowen said.