Jim Gates, National Americanism Commission member from the Department of Colorado has been named to help judge the recipient of the Frank N. Belgrano, Jr. Trophy award at the 93rd National Convention of The American Legion in Minneapolis, MN, August 25 – September 2, 2011.

The Frank N. Belgrano, Jr. Trophy is to be awarded annually to the department that has rendered the most outstanding service during the period Aug. 1 – Aug. 1 to the program of the Boy Scouts of America. The award is based on the number of troops organized, strength of existing troops, and a general welfare of the Scout movement under Legion sponsorship with the department based on written reports with substantiating evidence submitted to National Headquarters 15 days prior to the National Convention.

Gates, assigned to the Youth Subcommittee of the Americanism Commission for the past five years, has been affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America for over 50 years, is a “three bead” BSA Woodbadge Program award recipient and has earned the Legion’s “Square Knot Award” for outstanding service to the Boy Scouts of America program. Further, Gates participates in selecting the annual Legion Eagle Scout of the Year award recipient.