To Sponsor Boys For Our 2010 American Legion Colorado Boys State Program.


The playing cards described are the ones that have pictures of the “Heroes of Iraq” and “Iraq’s Most Wanted” on each card. They have proven to be very popular as collector items from the War on Terrorism. Legionnaires all across the country have used them to raise money for special projects.


Here’s how it works:


You order the cards over the internet at  They come in cases of 90 decks (45 of each type). You just have to pay for the shipping cost upfront. That’s $15 per case. The cards cost only $2 per deck and you can get $5 to $10 per deck as a donation. You don’t have to pay for the cards ($2 X 90 decks = $180) for 60 days. That gives you time to sell them.


So. . .

If you were to order a case of playing cards and get only $5 per deck you would have  enough to pay for the cards and still earn enough to sponsor a boy to Boys State. That’s $5 X 90 = $450 minus the $195 leaving $255 profit.


How simple is that?


I urge you to act quickly though. Veterans Day is coming soon and that’s a perfect time to promote the cards. But you must order them now in order to get them in time.


Let’s get started now so we can have 200 boys at Boys State in 2010.



Tom Bock