This week, Career Fairs were held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The Economic Division would like to personally thank the Department of Pennsylvania for their support and interest in reaching out to America’s wounded warriors, their spouses and other veterans through Legion sponsored Career Fairs. In partnership with Recruit Military and, The American Legion is providing valuable resources for veterans who are looking to transition into the civilian sector and those who have been unemployed and/or seeking new employment. The American Legion continues to support these Career Fairs that assist our veteran community with finding stable and gainful employment. Additionally, these Career Fairs have been great opportunities to promote The American Legion and our programs, as well as to promote membership.

Quick Facts concerning Legion sponsored Career Fairs:

• Attract about 20 – 40 employers and approximately 250 – 500 job seekers at each Fair;

• Most common participant is local law enforcement agencies of that area; and,

• Make up of Employers – 1/3 Defense Department, 1/3 other Federal/State and local government agencies, & 1/3 Private sector companies.

The American Legion in partnership with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce (USCC) has undertaken a new initiative to combat the rising unemployment rate amongst our nation’s veterans. Hence, efforts continue under the Hiring our Heroes (HOH) Initiative to identify American Legion Posts where Job Fairs can be held. This week, an additional 9 Posts from Missouri, California, Oklahoma, Idaho, New Mexico, Maryland and Vermont have committed to hosting Job Fairs under the HOH Initiative, which brings our total for confirmed Job Fairs this year to 81. With all the Departments combined, so far there are 185 Job Fairs being considered, but of course The Economics Division is hoping to increase this number and also lock in more venues for Job Fairs.

Over the weekend, the Economics Division was also present at a Job Fair hosted by Chase Morgan under their 100,000 veteran hiring initiatives. This event took place at Walter Reed Medical Center in Bethesda. According to the Chase Morgan representatives the event was highly successful, with close to 700 veterans walking through the door. Chase Morgan alone offered 25 jobs to veteran jobseekers in the area that day.