Last spring, The American Legion was instrumental in reversing the Obama administration’s decision for the Department of Veterans Affairs to bill veterans’ third party insurances for their service-connected medical conditions. VA has the authority to bill health insurance companies for health care provided to non-service connected veterans who have private health insurance and service-connected veterans treated for non-service connected conditions.  VA can also collect copayments from non-service connected veterans based on income. Veterans service-connected at a 50 percent or higher ratings are eligible for free care and medication when treated for any condition.


The American Legion was notified from several veterans through calls and e-mail correspondence that VA was billing them for their service-connected illnesses and injuries. The Legion’s Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation Division began collecting documented cases of veterans whose third-party insurances were improperly billed by VA for their service-connected medical conditions. 


American Legion National Commander Clarence E. Hill, “applauds VA’s Chief Business Office investigation of these cases to ensure our nation’s veterans are not being billed for the care that they’ve earned.”