Seeking Industry Input to Implement Key Provision of New Law

 September 13, 2014

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) today announced a next step in the process of implementing the Veterans Access, Choice, and Accountability Act of 2014 that allows for increased Veterans access to, and eligibility for, non-VA health care.

As part of the Veterans Choice Act implementation process, VA will host an “Industry Day,” to seek input on how best to provide administrative support in the process of issuing Veteran Choice Cards, a provision of the legislation.  VA is quickly working to implement the legislation according to the timeline set in law, and looking to industry to assist.

“We are committed to providing Veterans with the timely care they have earned and deserved,” said VA Secretary Robert A. McDonald. “We look forward to the opportunity to partner with the private sector to implement this new law and provide Veterans with a customer service experience that meets their needs.”

“Industry Day” will be held on Wednesday, September 17, 2014 beginning at 9am at the Denver Acquisition and Logistic Center; the arm of VA that performs supply chain management for VA and other Government Agencies.  VA looks forward to the opportunity to involve industry in implementing this important piece of legislation.

Working with Congress, Veterans Service Organizations, and other stakeholders, VA has additionally taken steps to implement this legislation, including:

  • Establishing a Program Management office to oversee planning and implementation of the legislation across the Department.
  • Putting in place the mechanisms to execute the outlined facilities with the authorization provided to carry out major medical facility leases.
  • Working through the contracting process to extend the pilot program called Project ARCH to ensure the continued expanded access for Veterans in rural areas provided by that program.