Pat Smith As we enter the fall of the year we also enter our annual District Fall Conference schedule. This is the opportunity for our Department Commander and other officers to visit each of our districts to bring important information to our posts.

We just returned from our national convention in Houston where the delegates to the convention considered a number of resolutions that will guide us for the coming year. Colorado had two resolutions that were considered and passed by the convention. Copies of those resolutions will be made available at the conferences.

During our department convention the delegates approved a change to the Department Constitution and By-Laws that will affect each and every one of our Colorado Legion posts. That change sets up guidelines for the proper operation and management of the local posts. When a charter is issued to a post it is with the understanding and expectation that the post will help carry out the four basic principles of the organization at their level. Our founders realized that the American Legion can only be effective at a community level. To that end the constitution was changed to require posts to report their annual activities through the consolidated post report.

Each post will be required to pay an annual assessment of $.50 per member. This assessment will take the place of the delegate fee that each post had to pay to vote at the convention.

Membership is the lifeblood of our organization. It may sound cliché but it is true. An effective American Legion post must seek and promote membership to really be considered a community asset. The constitution now mandates that each post must maintain at least 15 members to retain their charter. There is an exception to this rule when a post asks for an exemption while they are under revitalization.

An active post must have a slate of officer to guide them through the year so two other requirements that are mandated are that each post must submit a list of elected and appointed officers each year prior to the department convention. To be active a post must conduct regularly scheduled meeting, so each post must hold a meeting at least quarterly.

All of these requirements will be discussed in detail at the fall conferences.

Information will be provided at the conferences about the recent IRS audits of our American Legion Posts. The IRS published their audit guidelines that they will follow when they audit a post. Those guideline are available on the department and national websites.

Commander Kennedy has decided to continue the fund raising efforts for the Colorado Veterans Kids Fund (CVKF) so information about that program will be available at the conferences.

Membership information will take center court at the conferences. Commander Carol and the membership team will present their 5 year membership plan for increasing our membership in Colorado to an All Time High of 32,000 members.

The conferences will be chock full of good information for our posts and our members. The complete schedule of the conferences can be found on the calendar on our website. Look up the conference nearest you and plan on attending.