District Conventions

Here is the schedule for the District conventions so far. District Commanders and Adjutants please send in your information ASAP.

District 2 – April 26 – Genoa Post #31-1 pm -potluck lunch before

District 4 – April 25 – Boulder 10 – 1 pm – lunch before

District 6 – May 3 – Denver Post #87 – lunch $5.00 -12-5pm

District 7 – May 2 – Post 209, 3613 Jeannine Dr, Co Spgs – 11am-3pm

District 11 – March 29  – Paonia Post 97 – Lunch $5 – 10 am




The policies of this organization are set by the delegates to the District, Department and National conventions through resolutions. If you want to change anything about this organization you must do so in writing. At the post level put your ideas and thoughts in writing and vote upon those ideas at your post meeting. If approved send the resolution to your district convention so they can discuss the merits of your idea. If the District passes it they will send it to the Department convention for consideration. If the idea has national implications it will then go to our National convention in August in Kentucky. We normally have only 8 to 10 resolutions each year. Let’s see if we can increase that amount this year. If you need help putting your ideas into words contact your District Commander or other District or Department officer for help.


Leadership Conference


Plans are underway for a brand new, exciting and innovative Leadership and Information Conference to be held April 24-25, 2009. This will be the same weekend that our National Commander will make his official visit to Colorado. Current plans call for the conference to be held at the Radisson Hotel, 3333 Quebec St in Denver and the same hotel where we conducted our successful Mid-year. Although the complete agenda has not been completed the conference will focus on information and skills needed to successfully manage this organization at the post and district levels. If you are contemplating running for an office at the post or district level or you are an officer in this organization at any level you need to attend this conference. If you are not contemplating such a move but would like to know more about this organization you probably need to attend this conference. The hotel rate for this event will be $79.00 plus tax if you decide you need a room for either Friday or Saturday evening. There will be a working lunch and the registration fee, to include lunch, will be $20.00. We would encourage the Posts and Districts to offer scholarships to help defray the costs so your prospective officers can attend. We know that this date may be before your elections but in many cases you already know who you will be electing to your top offices.  A $100 scholarship would help a lot. Post Commanders, bring this up to your meeting next month. We will publish the complete agenda on line when it becomes available and will include it in the next Observer and Bulletin. Plan on it!




As of February 10th we stand at about 85% of our national membership goal of 24,200 members. Our membership committee has sent out delinquent lists to our posts and have mailed out postcards that they asked the post to mail to those delinquents. The committee made a special effort in getting those members of post 211 with less than 4 years of continuous membership to renew their dues. The committee continues to transfer members to local posts from the headquarters post to try and get those members active at the post level. This last 15% will be the toughest members to renew. The best way now is personal contact, either with a phone call or face to face visit. Look at your membership roster. Maybe you have a member or two that has been a member for a long time but has not renewed. It could be they can’t afford to pay in the current economic climate. If that is the case make an effort to find the money to take care of that member. It the least we can do for loyalty.


Membership awards


Elsewhere in this Observer are several awards and incentives for membership from the National Commander Dave Rehbein to include the “Pride and Purpose” pin, the Post Excellence Award, the 2009 District Commander Incentive Award and the Belt Buckle Incentive award. The first date for our Department awards that you need to be aware of is the April national target date. This will be the date that our Department Membership committee will award the 100% post plaques. These awards will be mailed directly to the District Commander for his presentation at the District convention. We will accept membership postmarked through April 10th for these awards. 




We are continually evolving the Department website to better inform our membership. We would encourage you to go to the website www.coloradolegion.org and fill out the member profile form. Check out our merchandise page. We have a wide assortment of Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines and Coast Guard specific jackets, caps and t-shirts at excellent prices. Check out the LIT (Legionnaire Insurance Trust) button. Sign up on our social network.


Honor Flight


Honor Flight of Northern Colorado will be escorting about 100 WWII veterans to Washington, D.C. to visit the WWII Memorial on April 28th, 2009. They will be leaving from the Combs Executive Terminal at DIA. They are looking for lots and lots of people to show up at 9:30 am that day see them off. They hope to have a high school band and a color guard in attendance. The trip is free to the WWII veterans and U S Airways will be providing the chartered airplane at cost so donations will be accepted. For more information contact Honor Flight of Northern Colorado at 970 324-1153. Donations can be made to Honor Flight Northern Colorado, 711 8th Ave

Greeley, CO 80631. Check out their web site at  www.honorflightnortherncolorado.org .