By: Pat Smith, Department Adjutant

Winter will soon be behind us. With the coming of spring comes renewed activity for the American Legion. Soon each of our districts will be holding their annual spring conventions. This is an important time for the organization at that level. Not only will the district membership be electing new districts officers but they will also address changes for the organization through the resolution process.

If you have an idea that you would like to see implement at the districts, department or national level the resolution is the way to put that idea into practice. A resolution can cover the waterfront when it comes to making changes. Changes to this organization, Congress, The White House, the Veterans Administration, veteran’s employment, you name it. After you put those ideas in writing take them to you post meeting and see if your membership agrees with your idea. If they do the resolution will be sent to the district level. At that level you will have to convince the district delegates that your idea merit approval. If approved there it will go to the department convention delegates for approval, and sometime rejection. If it passes it will then go to the delegates at the national convention in Charlotte, N.C. Depending on whether it is internal or external relative to the American Legion it could end up in the halls of congress for debate and approval. So work on that idea for change and watch it go through the process.

Spring also brings the need for our posts and districts to report their activities during the last calendar year. In April this office will send out a packet of reports to the posts commander and adjutant for them to fill out and send back. Primary among those reports is the Consolidated Post Report (CPR), which is the report that national uses to make their annual report to Congress, as required by our charter. If your post is active at all, it is doing something that needs to be reported. Work with your post officers to be sure that any activity you were involved in gets reported.

The district will be electing new officers. If you have any interest in serving at the district level make sure to attend the convention and let your feelings be know. It takes a lot of dedicated Legionnaires to make this organization run right. Show up, and I am sure you will find something that interests you.

The department convention will be next on the list after the district convention. This year it will be held in Lamar, Colorado. The members of that district can’t wait to welcome you to their part of Colorado. There is much to do and see and your time will be well spent attending the convention and enjoying their hospitality. The convention will take place at the Elks Lodge, with some activities at the Eagles Club. The Cow Palace will be the main hotel. More information about the convention and room rates can be found elsewhere in this publication.

The highlight of the convention will be debating those resolutions that you passed at the post and district level. A new slate of officers will be elected and a new Legion year will begin. Our National Commander Dan Dellinger will be our special guest for this convention.

Get involved. Attend your district convention and department convention. We need good volunteers like you.