By: Jim Gillis, Department Commander

“United We Stand” – Not only as Legion, Sons of the Legion, Auxiliary, Youth and Legion Riders, but as Legion Members representing our Department, Districts and Posts. It is very important that all members continue to spread the work of what The American Legion stands for and what we do in support of all Veterans, Active Duty Military Personnel, their families and our many Youth Programs.

Also, it is very important that we keep involved in our Community functions and providing assistance where needed. This is how we get our veterans interested and asking how they can help and be involved. Yes you are right, I am leading into Membership. You and I are members of The American Legion – WHY? Because we know what The American Legion stands for, what we do and believe in.

By passing this on to our fellow veterans they will want to be part of The American Legion. I just spent five (5) days in Indianapolis at the October 8-12 National Fall Meeting. The most important part for me was our membership workshop and meetings. I learned a great deal on how to get our current members to renew and get new members to join. We will be holding membership meetings to pass this information on to all Legion members.

In our Western Region there are 15 states, to date in total membership we are number 3 in the region and for the Nation we are number 28. In our Western Region caucus meeting I made a challenge and stated that Colorado, come next May at the National membership cut of date we would be number ONE (1) and in the National standing we would be in the top 10. What all the other Western Region State Commanders said I will not repeat, but I think we had better be number one.

We have members in our posts and we must keep them. There are about 440,000 veterans in the State of Colorado and we have a couple thousand DMS members in our holding computer bank just waiting to be transferred into your post. Let’s put our efforts together and get out there and keep the members we have and get the others signed up and moved into our local Posts. If we do this the Colorado will be “Best in the West”.