004By: Carol Kennedy, Department Commander – Article published in the June 2014 Internet Observer

Legionnaires, this Observer letter is my last letter as your Commander. It has been a pleasure and an honor to serve The American Legion, Department of Colorado.  You have heard me say these things every month for the past year.  “Ignite Patriotism”. Many of you have done just that and it is reflected in our programs and our membership.  It is our duty to educate our children, our grand kids and our communities about Patriotism. If we don’t do it, it just doesn’t get done. So, PLEASE continue to “Ignite Patriotism” every way possible.

Continue working The American Legion Programs.  Without your huge efforts our children will be left without guidance, mentors, food, clothing, education and many other items they need to enhance their growth and assist them in being successful adults. You do make a difference in their lives. Don’t stop now!

Continue working membership. The basic reason—the more members we have the more veterans we can help.  If we don’t continue to improve our membership then we too shall go the way of the dinosaurs, leaving veterans without comrades to help.  You each know the difficulties you have experienced as a veteran. Get out there and help other veterans with the same issues. Just having a friend that has “been there” helps the trip to become easier.

Continue to work in your communities. Remember to reward those helping you in a meaningful way.  Never forget to say “Thank You”. It does mean a lot to those of us receiving it.

We have proven it – “COLORADO ROCKS” — because of veterans like you.