The time is getting short with a May 15th target for 100%. Thank you membership team for making better than 75% with our headquarters transfers – it will make a difference.

Our National Commander, Marty Conatser, has authorized a new incentive for District Commanders. It is called the National Commander’s 100% District Commander Cap 2007-2008!!! Any District Commander who achieves 100% or more of their 2008 membership goal will be awarded a blue Post cap with insignia identifying their achievement. Districts 1, 8, and 14 are 100% and hopefully by the time this article is published District 2 will be there also. Colorado, we can do any thing if we set our minds to it. The sky is the limit.

Our request for James Fiedler, Assistant Director, Membership Section, Internal affairs Division has been authorized to visit the Department of Colorado from April 21 to May 3, 2008, for new Post and Post Revitalization work.

Our National Vice Commander Peggy Dettori will be in Colorado for our joint Commanders and President Home Coming May 10, 2008 at Security Post 38 in the Colorado Springs area. Bridging to Success

District Spring Conventions are under way. At least one Department Officer or more has been assigned to cover their Districts. Remember National Commander Marty Conastser’s Challenge is to increase the percentage of posts sending in their Consolidated Post Report (CPR).

Memorial Day is approaching and I know The American Legion does all it can to honor our fallen heroes who have paid a high price. Americans must remember that freedom isn’t free. Our team is looking forward to seeing you at our Department Convention at the Crowne Plaza in Colorado Springs June 26th – 29th for a great convention. Contact your Vice Commander to secure your last opportunity to purchase the “Bridging To Success” pins to benefit the Colorado Youth Foundation.

Colorado, I want to thank you for who you are and what you do. You have made our state proud with your patriotism across this state. Proud to be a part of and I too count the value of being a member. Our Bridging To Success has updated its goals to Bridging Into The Future. The Legion Family in Colorado has surpassed the challenge. Our rendering service under the Four Pillars – fighting for the well being of our veterans, standing for America’s core values, proving for children and endorsing a strong national security policy – made me proud to your Department Commander. In Unity we win.

The American Legion was founded in 1919 as a grassroots organization to support the veterans and their communities. As a grassroots organization, our founding members sincerely believed that the power and desire to act reside with our members and their local post. It is for this reason and this reason alone that our National Constitution and By-Laws set forth guidelines of noninterference to post operations and activities. It was the hope of our WWI veterans that each post and its members can activate and reach out to their community and operates to support the growth and development of its citizens locally.

Mentors – in our life. God places the right people in our life when we have the right attitude. I am thankful for our Department Adjutant, Pat Smith who mentored 17 Department Commander prior to me.

Congratulations, Pat for your vision and hard work in constructing a one of kind Veterans Educational Training Center. For more information contact Department Adjutant Pat Smith.

The 4 most important words – “What is your opinion”
The 3 most important words _ “If you Please”
The 2 most important words – Thank You”
The 1 most important _ “We”
and the least important word – “I”

I think it was Abraham Lincoln who said, “Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm.”

Quitting does not produce the desired result…so there is no reason to quit!!! Your relationship success depends on your ability to stay motivated… to keep communicating, to make necessary changes and adjustments, to listen and honor those around you. Passion is always…always…costly. Passion Is When Your Goal Becomes Your Only Obsession.

R. Tim Grabin
Colorado Department Commander