By: Carol Kennedy, Department Commander

I hope you and your families had a blessed Thanksgiving. I am wishing everyone a Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Blessed Kwanzaa and  Healthy New Year.

Whatever your beliefs or traditions, may you be happy and safe.

Membership is ROCKIN”. Keep up the great work. Richard and his membership team are really working hard. Please remind your Post officers and membership team to start calling those members that have not renewed.  Drop by their home if need be and visit. Let them know how important our Legion really is and how much we want and need them to renew. Remind them to share:

“We BELIEVE in Patriotism, We BELIEVE in helping veterans, kids and our Communities. Invite them to renew and help us make a difference!”

We NEED your HELP as we move into 2014.  My project, Colorado Veterans Kids Fund will be busier now that every, as the days and nights get colder. Our less fortunate veterans will be seeking more funds to buy shoes, coats and food for their children.  We need every Post and every member to make a donation to the CVKF. No donation is too small when we are feeding children.  Donations can be handed into the Posts or mailed to Department Hqtrs.  7465 E. 1st Ave. Ste. D, Denver, Co. 80230.  During the Fall District Conferences I left containers asking  your posts to  help fill them You may turn them in when they are full, bring them to Midyear Conference (17-19 Jan. in Longmont) or Convention (26-28 Jun. in Lamar). Any and ALL donations are greatly needed.  Also remember to check out your communities and locate veterans with minor kids that need the help this program offers. Get their info to Elaine or Pat at Dept. (303-366-5202). We can have money to them within a few hours. No child should EVER go to bed hungry !

Ten facts that will make you PROUD to be a Legionnaire.

1919– resolution to adopt Boy Scouting as our first youth program.

1921-direct effort in establishment – US Veterans Bureau (VA forerunner).

1943– Original GI Bill- written by PNC Harry W. Colmery. (law  Jun. 1944).

1954-Child Welfare Foundation formed.

1982–  present $1 million for construction of Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

1997– NEF exceeds $1million in grants – Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Minnesota & N. Dakota floods.2001-

Creates American Legacy Scholarship Fund for children (KIA on or after 11 Sep. 2001). (ALR- raised nearly $800,000 this year alone).

2008-Lobbied/supported Montgomery GI Bill establishment and implementation.

2013 -Dept. of Colorado- implemented Colo. Veterans Kids Fund. (Presently over $3000 granted).

Sep-Nov- 2013– NEF funds for Northern Colorado flood victims.

Reminder to tell everyone you meet. “We BELIEVE in Patriotism.” We Believe in helping our kids and our communities. Invite them to join us and Make a “DIFFERENCE.”

You work these type programs everyday and it does not go unnoticed.  THANK YOU for all you do and continue to “Ignite Patriotism”.