CarolDear Legionnaires,

If you read your American Legion (TAL) Dispatch (newsletter from National) for July you saw where you can go to and tell your story. This is the Honor & Remembrance page. These stories include courage, bravery, sacrifice, kindness and patriotism. Please participate if you or someone you know has a story to share. .Also check out their other sites, If you don’t get the Dispatch, then contact National and get on their mailing list. The Dispatch is full of great information. Also check out our website We are encouraging you to get a Post twitter page or facebook and post photos from your activities. “Toot Your Own Horn”. You do many wonderful post activities and deserve to have the recognition this will provide. Send photos (include names of people in photos) and short articles about your post functions for publications in The Observer to “Darrell Myers”

On 13 July, The Dept. TEAM and I held an Executive Day at Department. Twenty five people attended, all Vice Commanders, district commanders and some committee chairmen were invited. This meeting was to get all of us on the “same page” about where we want Colorado Legion to go in 2013-2014. Those unable to attend were sent the handouts and information that we put together during that day. It was an extremely successful day. If you wish some of this info, contact your DJVC for your area. We will also be putting on a Legion Family Management Seminar (similar to the one held in Estes Park in May) and inviting all Legionnaires, Auxiliary members and SAL to attend. Watch for additional information on this seminar in the future. Education is top priority for Legion success.

In September we will be starting our Fall District Conferences. Your department staff will be bringing to these conferences, new information from National meetings and convention. I highly encourage as many of your post members as possible to attend these meetings. These are not just for district officers or post officers, but for every Legionnaire. The schedule will be published in the near future with location and times. So mark your calendars and plan to attend. These are VERY IMPORTANT meetings. I will see you there.

Dept. TEAM has been working very hard to get the new directory ready for publication. It usually is not released until the end of September, so Elaine and The Dept. TEAM have really outdone themselves this year. Please be sure that you pick up this new directory at your district conference or drop by Dept. and pick up a few. It is filled with names and contact information for all posts and our various committees. Communication is of the upmost importance to keep our programs going.

Our new Colorado Veterans Kids Fund (CVKF) is now ready for use. I am asking two things of you and your post. First, make a contribution to this program. It is available for helping veterans in Colorado that have minor children at home. Many of our veterans’ kids go to sleep at night hungry and attend school with worn out and torn shoes and clothing. How can we let our heroes kids live this way??? No kid should have to attend school in Colorado without adequate shoes, coats and clothing. CVKF is designed to help veterans meet those needs on a very short notice. They can apply at Dept. and have monies for food, etc within an hour or two while they wait for the National funds from Temporary Financial Assistance (TFA) funds to arrive. It usually takes several weeks. It is our duty to help feed our kids. Second, I am asking you to search out veterans in your areas that have kids with these needs and get program info to them. Full details on CVKF can be found on our dept. website or call dept. for details.

Remember. . . For God and Country. . . we continue to serve both. We believe in patriotism, helping our veterans and Children & Youth and in supporting our communities. Believe, step up. . . Together we can make a difference!


“Ignite Patriotism”

Carol Kennedy, Commander