Richard Humphrey, Department Commander

Richard Humphrey, Department Commander

By: Richard Humphrey, Department Commander –  Article Published in Oct 2014

Our National organization has given us a large increase in membership this year, but I know and truly believe we can meet or exceed that goal. We have already made and exceeded the 50% goal for September; we have already made and exceeded the October goal of 55%, but you can not stop now. There is still a long way to go and I know Colorado will once again be the NUMBER ONE department.

Seven Posts have made their 100% membership; 12 Districts have met their 50% goal and 11 have exceeded their 55% goal for October. This is a fantastic start but we can not stop now.

My theme this year is the three “R”. This has been used before but needs to be brought out again;

RECRUIT: Get new members into this great organization. Show them who we are, what we do, and why we do it. Hold membership drives where there is the most traffic, City Market, King Soopers, Wal-Mart, Sporting Goods stores. Your current members have friends or co-workers that at one time served their country. Have an open house at your post home and invite the whole family down for a fun day or night. You will be surprised how much you have in common. Be sure to have your Auxiliary and Sons of The American Legion on hand to recruit the wives, daughters and sons into the Auxiliary or SAL. Let’s build this family organization.

RETAIN: We all have members that joined this great organization but for some reason failed to renew their membership. Contact them by phone or in person and get those members to renew in your post. Get them more involved in your programs. See if they will help with Oratorical or Boys or Girls State. Assist with fund raisers for your post. Remember Veterans Day is next month.

REBUILD: By doing the first two, you will rebuild your posts and be a forefront in your communities. Proudly wear your cap around town looking for those stores that give discounts to our veterans, fly the American Flag in front of their store. Thank them and award them with Certificates of Appreciation for what they do.

Don’t forget to contact Department to get a list of those veterans that have joined The American Legion and sitting in our headquarters post. They have already made the commitment to be a member; you just need to get them involved in your post.

Let’s show the National Organization that we are not just some state that made the TOP once and will falter this year like so many do. Let’s show them that we are the Number One state and exceed their goal again this year and every year. Our Sr. Vice Commander has made a commitment to get another 21,000 plus members into this organization by 2019. We can do this. Beat the bushes, pound the streets and get Colorado at the top of the list again.