By: Jim Gillis, Department Commander

Hope everyone had a lovely Holiday Season and A Happy New Year. We all can be proud of the first half of the National Legion Year, 01 July thru 31 December 2011.

We have continued to provide support to our needy Veterans, Active Duty, National Guard and Reserve personnel and their families.

Our membership is at over 86 per cent and we are several hundred members ahead of this time last year. A very special thanks to everyone.

We as American Legion members must or should know what the Four Pillars of the American Legion are and know and understand what the American Legion stands for and its overall operation, from National through Department, District, Post, all the way down to the actual members, all should know how every level is inter woven.

To help our Legion members obtain more information we must hold more training through the Department. The American Legion National College holds a week long training session each year at National Headquarters in Indianapolis during the month of October, each year. Every year, two or three of our Colorado leaders are selected to attend this week of American Legion training. Everyone has an opportunity to be selected.

Three years ago we, The American Legion State of Colorado, started our own Colorado American Legion College (CALC). During class the following topics are covered: The Four Pillars, leadership styles and opportunities, mentoring, writing resolutions, proper way to run post meetings, strategies to promote Legion programs, recruiting new members and how to keep current members and many other topics.

At the Legion Mid-Year Conference on 28 January 2012 Saturday from 1:15 to 3:15 p.m. there will be a two hour CALC training session. Everyone is welcome! Please come and take part in learning more about our Legion. This year we will be holding two CALC training days. We will be doing Legion College I and II. Legion College I will be in Colorado Springs and Legion College II will be in the Denver Metro area. We are planning to have one session in April and one in May. Word will be coming out on Legion College I and II in the near future. Please plan on attending, learning about the Legion, and sharing information and your experience with other legion members. This will be a great opportunity, don’t pass it up.