By: Carol Kennedy, Department Commander

Legionnaires, here we are in March! Yes, Spring-time is just around the corner, and we are starting into the home stretch for membership.  If we reach our National goal of 93.2% then we could win $2000 for new computer equipment for our Department staff.

But MOST important. . . the more veterans we recruit, the more veterans we can help.

That’s what we promised to do when we joined The American Legion!  We Believe in Patriotism, and we wish to surround ourselves with folks that believe the same as we believe.

We work the Legion programs because we trust those other veterans in our organization. Helping other veterans or children and our communities makes us feel good about having been able to make a difference.

Every veteran you help not only makes them feel needed and respected, it makes you feel the same about yourself.  Random acts of kindness are truly special.  Go out today find a veteran – show them we really do care about them. Assist them with a chore they are trying to complete. Once finished you will both be happier and find that your life is really worth living.  Your efforts may just save a fellow veteran from divorce, responsible for acts of violence or even suicide. You don’t need to be a law enforcement officer or a counselor; you just need be a friend.

So, as you continue to “Ignite Patriotism” in your world, extend it out a little farther and invite that veteran to join your Post . . . call those veterans that have not renewed or go by and visit them. You may find them lonely, depressed or ill. Your visit or call may just give them the boost they desperately need.

When you say “We BELIEVE”. . . really mean it! And I know you will be Making a Difference.

Thank you for everything you do!