Department Senior Vice Commander

Rick Friend



Greetings All,


As your Senior Vice Commander, my primary responsibility is Membership and you will most certainly will be hearing from me often on that subject. However, there are other areas that concern me.


 Probably the one at the top of my “I’m concerned” list (right under membership) is the Consolidated Post Reports. Our Children and Youth Chairman, Jim Otto, researched Department records and found that slightly more than 50% of the Posts in your Department failed to submit their consolidated Post Reports. This is completely unacceptable. If we take this fact at face value it would seem that over half of our Posts are flat on their posteriors and doing absolutely nothing. The Consolidated Reports should reflect each Posts contribution or activity in our many programs. I am sure that this is not the situation in most cases. I believe that one of the main problems is that when the Posts receive their Report packets they pigeon hole them thinking that they will get back to them latter and before they know it the deadline for submittal has come and gone. Solution:  Take the time to fill out the reports as soon as you receive the package and return them to Department.


The data from the Consolidated Reports, including number of Posts reporting, is submitted to National. National compiles the data from all Departments and submits the results, in a special report, to the Congress of the United States. This is how the American Legion gets much of its clout to assure the passage of legislation that benefits our Veterans and active military. The data from the reports totally backs up the fact that many thousands of American Legion members support the legislation that benefits our Vets and active duty folks. These American Legion members just happen to be voting citizens as well, and that certainly doesn’t hurt our cause.  Your committee chairman, (Americanism, Children and Youth etc.) rely on their segments of the reports to generate their reports to National. If they don’t get a response from each Post the data is not going to be totally accurate.


If your Post actually has had no activity at all, write “no activity” at the top of the form sign it and forward to Department. It is a rare case when there is actually no activity. We often overlook items that could be reported. If any of you need help filling out the reports call us at Headquarters and we will get a knowledgeable person out to help you.  A hint to the Post Adjutants; make a note of the activities of the month to include details as to dollars spent and hours worked so that you can use the minutes of your meetings a source for the report.


There are, I’m quite sure, Posts who are doing little or nothing and it is these Posts who I am particularly concerned about and would like to extend a hand of fellowship to and assist them in rejuvenating their Posts. If you are a member in or officer of one of these Posts please contact me. We can help and are most willing to do so.




                                                                                       Rick Friend


                                                                             Senior Vice Commander



                                                                                  (719) 671-1803