Jay Bowen Department Sr. Vice Commander

Jay Bowen Department Sr. Vice Commander

By: Jay Bowen, Department Sr. Vice Commander

Hooah! Thanks to your efforts, we exceeded National’s goal of 75% by the end of the year, or 9 December if you’re being technical. Although we did not hit the 100% we were targeting at the Department level, we have 27 Posts who have already hit or exceeded their membership goal for the year. Two of our Posts have hit an All-Time High already. Several Posts are 5 or less away from hitting 100% and I’m confident they will get there very soon. And 10 of our 14 Districts post have exceeded 75%. All these statistics are based off the 14 December Membership report.

For all the Posts at or above 100% as of this date, thank you. For the Posts who will hit 100% prior to the end of the year, thanks to you as well. For all Posts, let’s not stop no matter where you are with the numbers. We cannot afford for any

Post to start slowing down or slacking off membership. Let’s all make a New Year’s Resolution to ratchet up our efforts and build our membership. We need to do this not for bragging rights, but
because it is critical for us to continue advancing our programs and agendas to help Veterans and their family, our Youth, support for a strong National Defense, and to increase our Americanism focus across the State.

Our next National target date is 20 January. At that time, National wants us to be at or above 80%. I want us to be at 100% at all Posts. If we can make that goal, we can save our Department several thousands of dollars in the difference between current dues and the new per capita increase which takes effect on that date. Let’s all commit to work toward a 100% goal for our respective Posts. This will be a very worthwhile Resolution, and one of the few most of us will be able to keep.

Thanks to all for your continued membership efforts. I’m very excited and optimistic about what this New Year will bring.